Linda's Walk for Hope 2012

Team Fundraising Goal: $500.00

Total Number of Gifts: 25
Total Value of Gifts: $1,115.00

Recent Donors

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Tami Montgomery

Jason Pekarski

Heidi Cass

Alisa Daigle

Ines Stack

Heather Adams

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Glastonbury Foreign Automobiles

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Linda's Walk for Hope 2012


223 percent of goal achieved.

Breast cancer has affected my family on a very personal level. There is a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family. My Aunt Linda died of breast cancer at the age of 46. Much, much too young! And her daughter, my cousin Kathleen, is a breast cancer survivor!!!! My paternal great grandmother died of breast cancer. My Great Aunt Wendy is a survivor!!!! Last year at the time of the walk, my Aunt Gail was battling cancer. This year I am thrilled to say "She is a survivor!". I personally had breast surgery at the tender age of 12! It was an extremely scary time for me. I know this threat is real!

I am determined to be a part of the solution by funding research to find a cure!

Won't you please help me? Come walk with me or make a donation in honor of Linda or someone you know who has been affected by breast cancer. Let's make breast cancer a thing of the past!

Ashley Boate', Glastonbury, CT
Event Coordinator

Linda's Walk for Hope
Sunday, September 16th 2012
9:30 a.m.
Riverfront Park
Glastonbury, Connecticut

Dogs on leash are welcome!

Registration Donation Fee: $25.00

Route 2 East to Exit 8. Take a right at the end of the exit ramp onto Hebron Avenue. Follow Hebron Ave. to intersection with Main Street. Take a right onto Main St.. At next light take a left onto Welles St. Riverfront Park is down Welles Street on your left.

From Route 2 West take Exit 8. At end of exit take a right and an immediate left at the light onto Hebron Ave. Follow above directions

2012 Walk Dedication

This year's walk is dedicated in memory of my friend Kelsey's mother, Arden Burgess, who couragiously lost her battle with breast cancer.


I lost my mother to breast cancer back in 2004. I was only 16 at the time, so I had yet to really understand the devastation of what was happening. I think every woman that has breast cancer is a fighter, but my mom was a special case. Not only was she one of the hardest fighting women I have ever met, but she also kept the best spirits in her fight with cancer. My mom Arden never let anything stop her from doing what she wished. During her chemotherapy and the periods that she was in remission, she would be biking, running, or simply going to the gym. On top of being active and an incredible fighter, my mother was the most selfless person I have ever met. I was a freshman in high school when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, so I just assumed that my mom would be completely fine. She held everything together her first time through chemo. It wasn't until she passed away and I read her journal that I learned how tough chemo was on her, as well as her mastectomy. No matter what she was going through, my brother and I always came first. My mother went into remission twice before her final battle with cancer. I never thought that my tough, active, caring, loving mother could ever be sick, let alone die. It wasn't until September 19, 2004, when I had to say goodbye to my mom (she died the next day) that I realized I was being naive in thinking my mom was invincible. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did. I'm terrified that I one day will have children, and they'll have to see me sick. I never want my children to have to say goodbye to me, like I had to do with my mom. Funding research for breast cancer is important to me on many levels. Not only will it help millions of women and men, but it gives people like Ashley and I hope for when we grow up. This is something so near and dear to my heart, and any amount of money helps this cause.

Linda's Walk for Hope 2011

A big thank you to all my family and friends who made last year's walk a huge success. The goal was $500 and we raised OVER $1,000!!! Your support of this cause was overwhelming!

Guest Book

If you would like, you can add your name and a short message to our Guest Book. Thank you.

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Có ngh_a là
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mang tên
nói cách khác
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khung h́nh
c_ trung
xem là
Màu s_c
gày g̣
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c̣n trông mong ǵ
c̣n t_n t_i
c̣n ǵ khác
c̣n góp ph_n
con tr_
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c̣n khi_n cho
tr_ em
vô danh
_àn ông
công b́nh
tŕnh chi_u
công _o_n
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ích l_i
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công khai minh b_ch
công su_t
công ngh_
công s_
công xu_t c_c m_nh
công s_c c_a con ng__i
c_a hàng bán l_
__i tác
t__ng tác
Liên h_
n_i dung
xào n_u
di_n bi_n
ví d_
c_a ḿnh
c_a ng__i s_ d_ng
cua b_
c_a chính nó
c_a khá nhi_u
c_a s_n ph_m
c_a group
siêu th_
c_a tôi
c_a pḥng
t_ng th_
c_c __i
r_t là
kinh kh_ng khi_p
c_c th_p
t_t nh_t
c_ng b_
c_ng s_
h_ tr_
c_ng cáp
cùng xem nhé
c_ng là
c_ng có
c_ng dành
c_ng khá ___c
t__ng t_ nh_
cùng phong cách thi_t k_
c_ng t__ng __i
cùng r_t nhi_u
c_ng nh_ v_y
c_ng t__ng t_
cùng v_i s_
cùng theo v_i
_áp _ng
tr_n chi_n
game show
cu_c s_ng th__ng ngày
sau cùng
cu_i tu_n
h_p d_n
c__ng l_c ch_ng va __p
v_i vàng
nuôi n_ng
_ă tr_ nên
_ă bi_n __i thành
_ă hi_u cách th_c
_ă chi_m l_nh
_a ch_c n_ng
_a ch_ng lo_i
_ă t_ng
_a d_ng và phong phú
_ă t_ng __n _ó
_ă t_i khi
_ă h_t
_ă t_o nên
_ă nh_n
ph_n nhi_u
_ă qua s_ d_ng
_a s_ chúng ta
h_u h_t
_ang tr_ thành
_ă t_ng khi_n cho
__c bi_t là
__c bi_t
khác l_
khe c_m
_i_m sáng
__c quy_n
r_c r_
thay m_t
d_i kh_
dài ra h_n
lâu h_n
v_ tr_
quư ông
váy x̣e
_àn bà
_an c_nh xen k_
Gi_i Công Ngh_
d_n d_n
gia d_ng
d_n thân
_ang khoác trên ng__i
dáng cao
phong cách
_ang làm vi_c
_áng chú ư
s_p __n
d_ng mang
_ang khi_n
__ng kư d_ thi
__ng Kư Tr_c Tuy_n
__ng lên
_áng ti_c
vóc dáng
_ang yêu th__ng nhau
_ang yêu th__ng
_áng yêu
dáng v_
xâm chi_m
giành cho
_ánh d_u
_ào b_i
lu_t __o
d_o ph_
lo_i b_
_áp _ng __
_áp _ng
_áp _ng
__t danh hi_u
__t di_n
__t __n hàng
giành gi_i
__t ng__ng
__t h_n
__t m_c
t_ qu_c
__ ra
data khách hàng
_âu ph_i ch_
_âu nhé
__u xuân n_m m_i
_âu ph_i lúc nào c_ng
m_c dù th_
__u tiên
vào __u tu_n
nâng cao giá tr_
_ó chính
kh_ng l_
dây khá dài
dây mang
tr_n v_n
t__ng __i __y __
__y là
__y lên
_ó luôn là
t_ng nhanh
dăy ph_
g_n sóng li ty
tiêu di_t
tho_i mái
__ cho
d_ ch_i
__ ch_a __
__ có th_ ch_p
__ s_ h_u
thu_n l_i
d_ dàng và __n gi_n
__ mang trong nhà
__ tham gia
__ mang
__ làm
m_t d__i c_a gi_y
s_ giúp
__ h_n ch_
quá lâu
Lúc thuê
khuy_n cáo
_è xu_ng
khuy_n măi gi_m giá
_em l_i
__n b_t k_ n_i _âu
r_i ro x_u
_i h_c
__p __
__p lung linh
__p m_t
__p nh_t
__u c_m th_y
__u có
th__ng r_t
qu_c b_
_i d_o
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